Monday, March 22, 2010

Mexico or Chicago?

Both places are great getaways. We were invited to both places this April. Mexico, for a wedding of our dear friends and Chicago to attend C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo), with some other dear friends. When presented with the two choices, I thought for sure Mexico would win this battle. You would think after 7 years I would know which place my husband would pick. C2E2 here we come!

You see I met, dated and married a nerd. Not only is he a comic nerd, he is an anime nerd, Star Trek and Star Wars nerd, Xbox nerd, food nerd (yes it does exist), etc. Don't believe me? He has a massive Hellboy (is that even one word?) tattoo on his left arm and the Starman's stars (no clue, don't even ask me to explain Starman) tattooed on his chest. I am a girl who likes to dance to Lady Gaga, watch "Dancing with the Stars," eat cookie dough for dinner and go to the gym. Two opposites to the outside world but to us it works, and we love each other.

So back to this awesome trip discussion. As you can probably tell I am stoked. What wife doesn't want to go spend two days at a comic convention with guests like Alex Ross, Max Brooks, David Finch, Jim Lee and Dash Shaw just to name a few of the people I've never heard of. Here is the link to the convention Jealous?

Side note: I just asked my husband who Alex Ross was (I suspected he had something to do with Batman). The look and answer I received from my question was one of disbelief.
"He is an artist/painter. Who has worked on many different covers and has done many paintings of characters," he said.

Well I inquired again on whether or not he had anything to do with Batman, because really that is all I want to know. "Did he work on Batman?! Yes, he has painted Batman," he said. With that he turned away to finish writing his comic blog.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he gets paid to write about comics too.

Anyway, the truth is I am really looking forward to this trip. We have made a deal. I will spend Friday possibly going to a Cubs game and drinking in the afternoon while he nerds it up. Saturday I will have some lady friends to shop and eat with. In the end it works out for us both.


  1. She neglects to mention that I'm a huge Cubs fan and she's going just to spite me. I think she's an Orioles fan. Who likes the Orioles?

  2. Awesome!

    I also have a blog and this is my background - great minds think a like, although i have not blogged before or since the olympics...

  3. We are all a bunch of straight up blogging fools!

  4. Great blog...I love it! And you are a perfect addition to our family! Lisa

  5. I think Matt is awesome (being a fellow comic book lover) takes a special cool girl to love a great nerd.

    Willie King