Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Baby

Ladies and Gentlemen, a little background for you all. Last year it became official, Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys (NFL team) became my arch nemisis due to us sharing the same birthday. It was decided by me, that one of us cannot survive with the other one living, how very Voldemort/Harry Potter of us, right? Sidenote, I seriously need a real life Ron Weasley in my life. Anyhow, tonight due to all the fun NFL free agent-craziness my husband and I got to talking and it went a little something like this:

Me: Did you see where McNabb was going? F#$king Minnesota!
Him: That was expected. There was talk of that.
Me: Did you also see they got rid of Haynesworth? (background: I grew up in DC, am an avid Redskin fan, do not judge).
Him: To the Patriots, he will do great there.
Me: What? He was horrible last year!
Him: That is because (insert my husband having to tell me this again) he plays a 3/4 defense and was asked to play a 4/3 instead (side note, he is not positive the Patriots play a 4/3 but who I am to call that out).
Me: Well that shows signs of a player who refuses to adapt.
Him: That shows signs that Shanahan (Redskin coach) is crazy.
Me: True. I don't defend him. But still, the Redskins had a big day. Plus did you see Hasselback is going to the Titans?
Him: I did. Why did Seattle get rid of him?
Me: I don't know, or really care. Now onto Matt Leinart, he is staying somewhere, in the South maybe.
Him: No, he's a back-up for Schaub in Houston.
Me: No, he is not in Arizona. He is in the South area, like Texas, Jacksonville, something.
(turns out he is with Houston, KB 0, MB 1).
....This conversation lasts quite awhile. It turns into me in awe that the Giants might take Plaxico Burress back, how Reggie Bush is going to Miami and that once again, Tony Romo will be over-rated.

The end result after a ten minute debate on Tony Romo being over-rated turned into my husband challenging me to participate in Fantasy Football this year. At first I was unsure of what to think, but after another glass of wine I was in. I thought it would just be him against me, but I was told at least ten other people would be in our fantasty league and it would involve some money. I am in! In conclusion, I am going to be playing Fantasy Football for the first time ever this coming season. I am not going to lie, I think i have a chance. I mean for the last two years I have dominated the NCAA tournament bracket pools I have been in, it kind of has to be the same right? I know enough about football to sustain a conversation about the going-ons with Reggie Bush, Tim Tebow, McNabb and Ocho Cinco to get me this far, right? I am just saying, if you are a betting man, bet on Mrs. Baum to kick Mr. Baums Fantasy Football ass.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Captain America

In honor of the Fourth of July weekend I decided to write this blog about America's greatest hero (do people call him that? where is my husband when I need him to confirm or deny?), Captain America.

As you know in the next few weeks there will be a movie based on him released, Captain America: The First Avenger. It stars Chris Evans and some pretty British girl. I believe Stanley Tucci is in it as well. I loved him in Easy A. In my opinion the trailer does look decent, I would even say it looks good enough that I would go see it willingly. My husband on the other hand thinks the movie looks GREAT! He has been talking about it for at least a year. As soon as he knew they were making a movie about 'Cap' (that's how he refers to him. I think my husband has a man crush on him) he has been awaiting the day it was finally released. I am sure he probably even squealed at the first trailer when it was released. If you go back and listen to some of his past podcasts, The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, I am sure he talks about the Captain America comic book and/or movie a few times.

Do you know what makes me excited about the Captain America movie? If you say Chris Evans, you would be dead wrong. He is not my type. I am a Dave Grohl kind of girl, but that is a conversation for another day. What I am excited for is (drum roll please....)Baskin Robbins new Captain America flavor of the month. Oh hells yes! The best part is what they have named it, The Super-Solider Swirl (I die! I die!). This makes me happy. I LOVE Baskin Robbins probably as much as my husband loves ninja's. Infact, I love Baskin Robbins so much when I first signed-up for twitter I tweeted at, to and about Baskin Robbins for a whole week to get them to follow me. I was obsessed with making it happen. In the end, mission accomplished!

Let's talk about the flavor. Before I even knew what it consisted of I told my husband, "If Captain America was a flavor I think he would taste like raspberry, blueberry and sweet creamed butter (is that even real? did I just make this up?)." According to the Baskin Robbins website the flavor is a vanilla base ice cream with a cherry flavored swirl and a "thrilling combo" of blue chips. DELICIOUS! I would so eat me some America.