Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ipod Wars

I stayed in last night due to some afternoon wine drinking that caused me to pass out at 6pm. Weak style, I know. Anyway, I was bored so I decided to compare my husbands ipod to mine. Why? No reason really, just for fun.

What I did was hit the shuffle button on them both and wrote down the first three songs that were played, errr shuffled.

My ipod shuffle produced the following three tunes:

"Der Kommissar by After the Fire

"Could've Been So Blind by The Black Crowes

"Sexy Can I by Ray J and Yung Berg

Der Kommissar,” yes this is just an English cover of the Falco version by the British group After the Fire, a one hit wonder. I like this song, even though I have no idea what Der Kommissar means, or what the guy is even talking about in the song. It is one of those I like due to the catchy beat.

Next The Black Crowes song “Could've Been So Blind,” well I have no idea what this song is! Ok so I just googled this song and am currently listening to it. Not bad, kind of sweet bluesy thing going on, a solid jam. If I smoked a shit ton of weed, this would rock my world. I think my fascination with The Black Crowes comes from when I got to go and see them live in Kansas City with my family. I wasn't actually invited to go at first but then my step dad had to go out of town so I snagged his spot. Needless to say during that show I totally saw what Kate Hudson dug in Chris Robinson for all those years.

Finally “Sexy Can I” by Ray J and Yung Berg. Sexy can I, just pardon my manners, girl how you shake it...sorry I can't help it, that song makes me immediately break down those player lyrics right on the spot (did anyone actually watch "For the Love of Ray J?"). I have nothing to really say about this one, it was put on my ipod by my husband as some Now Music download for a wedding he was dj-ing.

My husbands ipod produced the following three songs:

"Leave by The Swell Season

"Nobody Lost, Nobody Found by Cut Copy

"Nite Flights by Scott Walker

Well shit. Usually there is a mix of death metal, old-skool-hip-hop that nobody has ever heard of and an abundance of Yes. I had to be a fair and not cheat in my experiment (even though it was very tempting) and low and behold his ipod spit out three kick ass songs.

Leave” by The Swell Season is the guy from "Once." I love that movie and his music. I have nothing bad to say or ridicule. Dammit.

Next was “Nobody Lost, Nobody Found” by Cut Copy. Blurgh. Once again nothing bad to say since this is actually on my Ipod as well. Super Dammit!

Finally “Nite Flights” by Scott Walker. Initially I was excited since I thought this might be ambient space-music that people use to fall asleep to0. So, just when I thought I had a winner, I found out this dude is legit and one of David Bowie's major influences. Come on shuffle throw me a freaking bone!!!

With that the ipod shuffle experiment ends in failure. It turns out my husband just doesn't listen to nerd rock, video game music, death metal or the score to The Lord of the Rings.

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