Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DC ReLaunch

As many of you all know my husband is a nerd, hence the blog title. One of the biggest nerd stories to come out in the last few weeks has been the relaunch of the DC Comic Universe. Let me have him explain it to you;

Hi, it's Kacie's husband Matt making a guest appearance because my wife is to lazy to look up any info on DC's relaunch (Kacie: RUDE! I'm not lazy, just intrigued by "The Lost Boys" playing on our TV at this moment). For those of you out of the comics loop, DC has restarted it's entire line of comics with the number one in an attempt to draw in new readers that may have been intimidated by over 70 years of back story. To those readers I say, you're lazy and start reading. Of course I've been reading DC comics for more than 25 years (Kacie: True, my husband is OLD). Regardless, the relaunch is here and so far it's been pretty well executed. Including the new Superman relaunch which is like rewriting Jesus's part of the bible for nerds like me.

In non-nerd terms he means (this is Kacie by the way) that the relaunch was designed to get those that are not avid comic book readers interested in reading them. My husband thought it would be fun to have a newbie to the comic book world read this relaunch to see if their evil ploy works. His guinea pig for the experiment is me of course. So without further ado, Batgirl #1.....(apparently nerds are upset about this one because Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, has been paralyzed in previous comics but in the relaunch is up and fighting crime again with the use of her arms and legs).

Just a small note to start with. The cover is Batgirl in costume, with red hair, which I was always partial too thanks to the red wig the Barbara Gordon on the 60's TV show had. My only problem is when a superhero has perfect makeup on, like on this cover. Please, you are fighting crime in a pleather suit, girl you are gonna sweat and that shit runs.

I just finished reading Batgirl #1, and to me this is what it feels and sounds like when I read this comic: click here. WHAT! I was confused from page when when the bad guy, The Mirror, shot up some poor old survivor of a disaster that I imagine to be similar to that of the Titanic. Then we flashed forward to some serial killer group that was going to kill some couple, and then Batgirl storms in and gets lucky (I believe those were her words) and saves the day. Then she has a bad dream about the Joker shooting her and paralyzing her, which is what I thought happened in old DC world, but I guess it really did happen here too, but she was only out the use of her legs for three years. See what I mean, that techno dance party video is so fitting right about now.

Anyway, now there was some police officer in the hospital, The Mirror punched a lady named Heidi, Barbara Gordon gets a roomie who likes tea and to hug, then she gets two more guns pointed at her an let's a dude die. THE END.

So my opinion, I don't really have one. I felt like I needed background information leading into this read and it jumped around so much it was like my brain was being wrinkled but not in the awesome wrinkled way. I probably would read it again, just to see if I could figure out what I had previously read, so I am not writing it off just yet, but if things are still like a techno mind jumble in issue #2, then I am OUT.

Have no fear my loyal readers, if you are dying for more posts like this, I am sure my husband will make me read some more #1's, as to be a real guinea pig one must do a sample of tests, not just stop after the first one. My husband thinks I will come around and begin a love affair with comics with his little Doctor Evil experiment here. He likes to cite the example of years ago tricking me into reading the first Harry Potter book to see if one would become obsessed. If you know me, and for those that do not, let me tell you that Ron Weasley is one of my top ten favorite people ever, so figure out how that experiment ended. He is hoping for more of the same.

*by the way that photo is me doing "The Batgirl."