Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two-Headed Nerd Comicast

"Your listening to The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast with Joe and Matt." That's the introduction to every episode of my husband's relatively new comic podcast he and his friend, Joe Patrick, host every week.

I was going to write this blog earlier, but I wanted to make sure podcasting wasn't a phase, because there have been phases. There was a P90X stage, there is currently an 'I think I love the NBA' phase (this will end after the playoffs and championship), Sunday afternoon drinking was another phase and there once was a drunken Austin Stevens: Snakemaster phase.

Back to the podcast. I am not even sure how this all began. All I remember (and my memory is crap) is my husband coming to me one day (or it could have been night, really people my memory is seriously bad) telling me enthusiastically, "Joe and I are starting a comic book podcast and it's going to be exceptionally nerdy." But of course, what else could it be?

Each week they work on a script and record all the latest comic related news at Legend Comics (located at 5131 Leavenworth Street). Some of the nerdiness in each episode includes: reviewing a comic from that week and rating it on a "buy it", "skim it, or "leave it" system, a lightening round where they review ten comics very quickly, (which if you have no comic background like me can be very confusing. The first time I listened to it my brain was wrinkled), comic news including movies and Ask a Nerd.

I would like to point out that twice now, as a supportive wife, I have contributed questions to the Ask a Nerd segment and both times they have gone ignored. Rude. So, I feel now is a good time to ask them again, where maybe some other nerd out there will appreciate them and answer.

Q1: Was Vicki Vale a character in a Batman comic book or made up for the Tim Burton movie?
Q2: Nerds, did you like the star of Kick Ass more after seeing his sweet ass dance moves in the new R.E.M. video? i did.

If by now you are not intrigued then maybe this will hook you in for a listen. USA Today's Pop Candy Blog named them one of the top ten comic podcasts to check out after only 5 episodes. I like to believe I was instrumental with my tweeting and emailing to Pop Candy (you are welcome nerds) but I am sure others sent in their podcast as well. The only downside I can now see from this is now not only does Omaha know I married the King of the Nerds the entire nation who reads Pop Candy knows of my husbands nerdiness as well.

Final thoughts, apparently a listener pointed out to my husband that he talks about his wife at least once every episode. For all you listeners out there I think that would make an excellent drinking game so make it happen. Also, I know that in last week's episode I was called out for slacking a bit on the blog entries so here you go dorks!

Side note: Dear Legend Comics, Get a website so I can hook you up with a link in this here blog!