Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tonight while I was doing my hair, yes I do it on occasion people, my husband and I had the following conversation.

Me: I think my hair dryer is dying. That did not sound good.
Him: For someone so concerned with our house catching fire why don't you just get a new one to replace that one?
Me: I know I am very concerned about a house fire. I don't think the house would catch fire due to my hair dryer. It would just spark and die out.
Him: It would explode in your hand. Remember if you become disfigured or blind I will leave you.
Me: I know, BUT, what if I replaced my hand with a claw hand?
Him: That could be hidden, you could maybe stay then. (editor's note: he thought claw hand meant disfigured hook hand. I need to be more specific, ie machine hand, Inspector Gadget hand, etc).
Me: Who would want to hide a claw hand? Also, what if you were like 'hey babes, can you please get me a beer' and I was on the couch and my claw hand could like extend all the way into the kitchen and get you that beer. Amazing!!!
Him: (this is where he realized claw meant awesome)Well now that is not really a claw hand anymore, that is more of a bionic hand. That I can totally get behind!
Me: Yeah that would be totally sweet. A bionic Inspector Gadget claw hand.

This conversation also occurred tonight, after a bottle of wine at dinner.

Me: Oh Mud Man (background: we were talking about Chris Evans, the new Captain America, who was in "The Fantastic Four" movies with the character The Thing)
Him: Mud Man! The Thing! His name is The Thing! Why do you think his name is Mud Man?
Me: I don't know, he is made of mud. Mud Man makes more sense.
Him: He is not made of mud.
Me: Yes he is, okay clay. Clay Man. Why don't they call him that? I don't like that, Mud Man has a better ring to it.
Him: He is made of rock or stone!
Me: Stone Man!! That is dumb. Mud Man.
Him: Did you know The Thing was named after the Sci-Fi classic movie "The Thing?"
Me: Oh the one with Kurt Russell?
Him: No! The one made before the Fantastic Four comic, in the 50s, "The Thing from another World."
Me: You mean "The Blob?"
Him: What?! No, "The Thing" "The Thing from Another World."
Me: Yeah with Kurt Russell.
Him: Oh my god!!!! "The Thing" with Kurt Russell was a remake of "The Thing" from the 50's and "The Blob" was about a blob!
Me: Huh. I still think he should be called Mud Man.

Nerd Love.