Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Riddle

Happy Easter! I was hoping this Easter would bring out a great tale to tell, but alas it did not.
We did pretty normal things; walk the pugs, eat bread and cheese for lunch, go drink beer and watch "Hot Tub Time Machine" and go see Har Mar Superstar.

Although as we were driving home I got to thinking about a photo I saw on a friends facebook page. It was one of those fake movie posters, it featured Neil Patrick Harris as the Riddler in the next Batman film. For those of you that are my facebook friend you know how I feel about NPH. I think he and I should be best friends. There are too many reasons to name here as why we should but trust me when I say it would be the best partnership since "Will and Grace."

Anyhow, I brought this picture up to my husband. The following discussion occurred:
Me: Did you see that mock movie poster of NPH as the Riddler? What do you think?
Him: I did not see that. Wouldn't work. I like Neil Patrick Harris but it wouldn't work. I don't think I would even want a Riddler.
Me: Why? I think that is a fun choice.
Him: It's kind of a fun choice I suppose, but I don't think the Riddler works in a Christopher Nolan Batman world. The Riddler is silly, the Joker works because he is Batman's nemesis, he is the anarchy to Batman's law and order. I liked the rumors of Philip C. Hoffman or Johnny Depp as the riddler.
Me: I like the Johnny Depp rumors too, but Johnny Depp to me would just be the same crazy character like he has for the last 5 movies he has made (no offense Mr. Depp I still worship you). I think that NPH would bring something new and fresh and unexpected plus he can sing!!
Him: Honestly you know who would work really well?
Me: Jim Carrey?
Him: Jackie Earl Haley. Freddy (from "Nightmare on Elm Street), Rorschach (from "Watchmen"), perfect. I am going on record he is my riddler.
Me: Oh the dude from "Bad News Bears," he is frightening. But I think NPH could do...
Him: No.
Me: But NPH could bring some broadway pizazz to the role. Maybe some jazz hands.
Him: No the riddler is not gay sweetie.
Me: Just because he can sing doesn't mean the Riddler is gay. It would add character.
Him: That's hollywood all over baby. (me: WHAT!?? Maybe I am too drunk to understand what this means, that is possible. Or he is too drunk to know what he just said).

I still think Neil Patrick Harris would make and excellent Riddler. My husband disagrees. It will be interesting to see if Christopher Nolan even puts the Riddler character in the next Batman movie, if so I can't wait to find out who it will be. Fingers crossed for NPH, I really hope my future bestie gets the role.

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