Thursday, April 8, 2010


According to, Dungeons and Dragons or D & D is an imaginative, social experience that engages players in a rich fantasy world filled with larger-than-life heroes, deadly monsters and diverse settings. As a hobby game, D&D is an ongoing activity to which players might devote hours of their time - much like a weekly poker game - getting together with friends on a regular basis for weeks, months or even years.

Wow. I mean, you just can't make this stuff up. I'm fine with The second part of the definition, the "poker game" "Getting together with friends" part. I'm glad it's a social activity for friends, that is healthy. The first part, now, huh, what can I say about this and why am I even bringing this up?

A few weeks ago I was asked by my husband if some dudes could come over on Friday night. I said that is fine, what for. He then said to hold a D&D game in our basement. Grown men, drinking, sitting around pretending to be "larger-than-life heroes" and "deadly monsters" just really intrigues me.

I know nothing about this game so I did some research.

-First off the site that google directed me to is Let's just start here. I love wizards in the Harry Potter world, in fact I think it would be totally radical to be a Wizard. So far, it is extremely nerdy but I dig it (there is a strong chance this is the only thing I am going to dig in this post).

-The site is full of information: news and articles, product releases, rules and an art gallery.

-There is a character on the site that looks like Melissa Joan Hart. You know "Clarissa Explains it All" or "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

-I am now going to generate a Character name. I have to answer six questions. The name generator produced.....(drum roll).....Unaatris Sinsinger. She is a female Tiefling Wizard.

-They name generator gave me other name options as well under "also known as" this one is my favorite: Unaatris the Thug. That does not sound very wizard-esq or monster-ish, but it is hella-gangsta.

-Oh you probably want to know what Tiefling is. No worries I had to google it as well. It's a sexy, busty woman warrior with what appears to have a tail. Hot.

-The host of the game is called a Dungeon Master. Do you actually refer to him as DM or Master during play? Do you get penalized and have to take a drink if you slip up and call him or her by their real name instead of Dungeon Master?

-Wow, thanks how to play rules. I didn't know one of the steps was to find a place to play the game. Wow, so helpful.

-Ummmm...what.the.hell? (referring to previous point).

-When you start playing it seems sort of similar to risk or chess. Am I right? Or did I totally not understand the rules of game play at all? It seemed strategy based.

-20 sided die?

I can honestly say I am actually intrigued and kind of wish I didn't have so many plans for tomorrow night (happy hour and Julie B. birthday shout out) so I could observe this gathering. Have fun dudes!

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  1. We will buddy and thanks for use of the basement.