Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little ditty about Clive and Hines Ward....

Let me set the scene: Tuesday night, Darios (a local Belgian Brasserie in Dundee), half price Belgian beers (every Tuesday), and blue cheese mussels with pomme frites. The night is coming to an end when the following conversation happens:

husband: Do you know Brian Michael Bendis? He's a comic book writer, nerds love him.
me: That name sounds familiar....
husband: Well he writes a comic called "Powers" and it is becoming a show...
me: (interrupting) on FX! I knew that. I read it on CNN.
husband: Yes...so they need to cast someone big in the main role... (Christian)
me: (Again interrupting) Oh like Chris Jericho!
husband: WHAT? Where did that come from? Chris Jericho the former wrestler?
me: Well he is on the new season of Dancing with the Stars so he's fresh in my mind.
husband: (Makes a sound similar to a huff of disbelief. Quickly changes subject.) So they are remaking Escape From New York. I want Clive Owen to be 'Snake Plisken.'
me: Was that the movie with Kurt Russell?
husband: Yes, with Kurt Russell. I want Clive Owen with an eye patch, long hair and tough as nails. *makes a wicked giggle laugh*
me: Clive Owen is so good looking, but I bet he is super mean.
husband: Yeah he looks mean, but sexy mean.
me: What about Hines Ward?
husband: WHAT?!
me: Do you think he is Korean?
husband: No, he's black! And what the hell!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd Scene....Happy Tuesday!!!

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